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Hallelujah Blue specializes in large-scale giclée art on canvas for luxury properties.

Photo-artistic impressions on canvas offer a romanticized view of reality as interpreted by the artist and photographer, Michi Garcia.

All artwork shown is represented exclusively through Hallelujah Blue and exhibits the full body of work by Michi Garcia.

We offer limited edition giclee art in various sizes as well as commissioned art.

Commissioning a piece of art allows the buyer the freedom to request a certain time of day or year, specific structures, locations, or other subject matter most important to them while still retaining the impressionistic look and style of Michi Garcia’s work. Commissioning art by Michi Garcia starts at $1,500. with a minimum size of 24″ x 36″ and can take from days to months to complete depending upon the request. Please inquire by phone or email for more details: 208.699.5350 or michi[at]hallelujahblue.com . 

What is a Giclée?  

For more information on giclées, go to: http://hallelujahblue.com/giclee-art-faqs/

A Note From Michi Garcia

Michi Garcia

 “I created Hallelujah Blue as a celebration of God, His earthly creation and art.  

To me, this is the equivalent of faith, hope and love on canvas.


If you’re like me, you believe in God and that He is the Intelligent Designer of all living things including the heavens and the earth, also know as His creation. One cannot help but stand in awe at the unending creativity He demonstrates in everything that was ever made.


So, what does this have to do with art?

I have a deep desire to share my art in order to inspire people and make their lives more beautiful. I just love the idea of showcasing God’s earthly creation in my artwork. To me, this is the equivalent of faith, hope and love on canvas.

Patterns, patterns, patterns. From flowers to fungi, from as far as the east is from the west, from the high seas to outer space, from atoms and molecules to gravity and time, and everything in between, patterns are evident everywhere. Just take a look at a leaf up close or, for that matter, your little pinky finger and the amazing amount of design that went into its creation.

Consider this. Recently, my daughter peeled the skin off an avocado pit. We held it up to the light and it had branchy veins that looked like they’d be found on the branches of a tree, which is the same pattern found in some dried seaweed that attached itself to a seashell we found in San Diego, and a similar pattern is found in our own body’s lungs venous and arterial system. To me, the world that surrounds us is just crazy-amazing. In these patterns exists endless possibilities for creativity, art, design and expression.

Indeed, God has His fingerprints on everything seen and unseen, even on us. It’s mind-numbing to think that, out of the billions of people who have ever lived on this earth, each one of us is entirely unique, a one-of-a-kind, a masterpiece of sorts,  all with individual patterns, individual DNA, individual fingerprints, individual voice patterns, even the iris in our eye is unique to us.

As amazing as our body is, to me, the most obvious signs of God’s presence exist in His expression of art and creation called earth.

So, what is art?

The way I see it, God is Art. Not in the sense that I’ve made art into a god – little ‘g’ – rather, there can be no art without God. God invented art. So, when someone asks, “What is art?” To me, art is the beautiful result of an imaginative creator and what could be more imaginative than His creation all around us, artistically designed by a God – big ‘G’ – who knows no bounds.

How Did You Come Up with the Name Hallelujah Blue?

Some people ask how I came up with the name Hallelujah Blue and what it means.

Picture this: You’re standing on a hot sandy beach and see absolutely nothing but turquoise water and blue sky. Off in the distance is a watery horizon line which masterfully combines together spectacular glowing layers of turquoise, sapphire, indigo, teal, and cobalt blue, as if they were painted by an artist – that holy line where earth meets eternity. I like to think of this blue line is the epitome of Hallelujah Blue.

‘Hallelujah’ quite literally means, ‘Praise the Lord’ and, to me represents the thankfulness I have for my God so divine, so creative, so huge and ever-present. ‘Blue’ represents the beautiful earth He created.

I have found that when my faith runs low and my doubts are high, if I take a moment to stop, look up and around at God’s beautiful masterpiece called earth then, I am instantly reminded – especially by the blue water and sky – of God’s presence and comfort. It is then that I remember my problems are not so big and I have much to be thankful for. Then, I am free.

So, the next time you find yourself gazing upon an amazing blue horizon, remember Hallelujah Blue, say it out loud, and take a moment to stand in awe of God’s wonderfully artistic creation called earth.


Michi Garcia


Michi GarciaMichi Garcia is a photographic artist and the founder of Hallelujah Blue. Hallelujah Blue specializes in large-scale giclée art on canvas for luxury properties. Michi resides in the resort town of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho with her husband and three children. To keep up on what’s happening with Michi Garcia and Hallelujah Blue, subscribe to the email updates at www.HallelujahBlue.com.




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