General Art Specifications

General art specifications applicable to art sold by Hallelujah Blue

Type: Giclée (pronounced zhee-klay) is a French word meaning ‘to spray’. Our giclées are fine art reproductions which include the following features:

    • Museum quality
    • Archival rating of 80 to 100+ years*
    • High-quality ink prints by a professional Master Printer on commercial digital injet machine.
    • Printed on high-quality canvas

* For more detailed information on giclées, archival ratings, and the printing process go to:

Edge Detail for Giclee on Canvas: Gallery wrap edge, ready to hang, or add your own frame.

Frame: None

Style: Painterly, impressionist, photo-artistic impressions on canvas, luxury photography.

Materials: Our Master Printer uses high-caliber digital machines and equipment rated for the professional commercial printing industry to print on high-quality canvas using archival rated inks.

Hand-Painting and Embellishment Makes Each Piece Unique: Once the giclée is printed, it is then hand-embellished – meaning personally accentuated with archival quality paints by the artist, Michi Garcia. The process includes sealing the giclée print with UV protective sealant – four coats total – as well as using an archival, high-quality thick gel coating to add to the texture and depth of the piece. This process not only protects and adds longevity, but also gives a rich, painterly feel to the art.

Limited Editions: Only a certain number of giclée prints in each size offering of the specific artwork will ever be produced. Refer to the specifications page for details. Each piece is personally numbered. For example, numbers on the print “7/25″ indicate that the print was #7 out of a total run of 25 pieces.

Method: Capture & Processing – Using DSLR camera and gear, Michi Garcia photographs each image from an actual physical location, which is just the beginning of the process. The original image acts as an original artist’s sketch, then the real work begins with post-process editing, and later printing, painting and sealing the piece for completion.

Regarding the editing methodology, with painterly artistic expression in mind, the artist extensively processes the image using the best editing software on the planet, Photoshop. Much time is spent using digital paintbrushes, correcting colors, adding filters, applying blending modes, adjusting tones, hues, whites, blacks and everything in between until the artist is satisfied that a beautiful artistic impression has been accomplished and the piece of art is complete. Care must also be taken to ensure the image is prepped properly for large scale printing.

Certificate of Authenticity (COA): Each purchase comes with a certificate – a COA – issued by the artist which includes the following information in order to verify the piece is authentic:

  • Title
  • Series or collection name
  • Artist name
  • Year of creation
  • Location created
  • Dimensions
  • Style and materials used
  • Certificate number
  • COA is personally signed in ink and dated by Michi Garcia
  • Stamped with an embossed seal to prove authenticity, which is similar to a corporate seal or a notary instrument
  • Information on hand-embellishments when applicable
  • Instruction on care for the artwork
  • Sticker on the back of the artwork

Signed: Each piece of art is personally signed by the artist, Michi Garcia using approved, non-destructive, archival paint.

Printing Process:  A note from our Master Printer at Giclee Art-

“We believe an apprentice Giclée printmaker should train under a Master Printer for a minimum of four years and have hands-on participation in the reproduction of 300+ different paintings before earning “Master Printmaker” status. A Master Printer is someone with the utmost skill and is recognized by his peers as such.

Our Printmakers and digital artists have been crafting Giclée prints since 1996. We have some of the most experienced, capable and tech-savvy Giclée experts you’ll find anywhere. With an artists keen eye for color and value, our staff is trained to produce great looking prints and we are often complimented by artists claiming, ‘The prints look better than the original!’

gpaOver the years, we have worked directly with manufacturers to find the best products and technology available. Additionally, we are a founding member of the Giclée Printers Association (GPA) and have worked to develop standards and guidelines for the rest of the giclée industry.”


To Request More Information: Kindly submit an inquiry to michi[at] and you will be contacted within one business day.

Michi GarciaMichi Garcia is a photographic artist and the founder of Hallelujah Blue. Hallelujah Blue specializes in large-scale giclée art on canvas for luxury properties. Michi resides in the resort town of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho with her husband and three children. To keep up on what’s happening with Michi Garcia and Hallelujah Blue, subscribe to the email updates at


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