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hallelujah blue_1A Note From Michi

Welcome! This is my first post for Hallelujah Blue. I created  Hallelujah Blue as a celebration of God, Art and Creation.

The way I see it, Art Is God since it was He who invented it.

I do not mean to say, “Art Is God” in the sense that I’ve made art into A god (little “g”.)

If, like me, you believe in God and that He created all things, then you cannot help to stand in amazement at the unending creativity He demonstrates in everything that was ever made.

Rather, since God made all things, both seen and unseen, and nothing was made without Him, then He is the true Master, the intelligent Designer, the expressive Creator, the most truly authentic unique Artist that exists. Therefore, there can be no art without God, it is merely a product of His doing and as well, a tool He’s given us to enjoy since we were formed in His image…and enjoy it we do.


From flowers to fungi, from east to west, from the high seas to outer space, from atoms and molecules to gravity and time and everything in between, patterns are evident everywhere in art. We are simply drawn to them. In these patterns exist endless possibilities for creativity, art and expression.

God has His fingerprints on everything seen and unseen; even on us. It’s mind numbing to think that each of us is entirely unique, a one-of-a-kind, a masterpiece,  all with individual DNA, individual fingerprints, individual voice patterns, even our iris is unique.

To me, the most evident signs of God’s expression of art exists in His creation called earth.


Why Hallelujah Blue?

Some people ask me how I came up with the name, Hallelujah Blue and why.

In starting a new endeavor centered around art, I asked myself, “If I could go anywhere, where would it be?” Here is my answer. I imagine myself standing on the shoreline, I see nothing but water, clouds and sky. I see a watery blue horizon line off in the distance which masterfully combines together glowing layers of turquoise, sapphire, indigo, teal, and cobalt blue – that holy line where earth meets eternity. This intersecting blue horizon line perfectly epitomizes Hallelujah Blue.

‘Hallelujah’ quite literally means, ‘Praise the Lord’ and, to me represents the thankfulness I have for my God so divine, so artistic and creative, so huge and ever-present.

‘Blue’ represents the beautiful earth He created. I have found when my faith runs low and my doubts abound, if I take a moment to stop and look around, I am immediately reminded by the water and sky, of God’s presence and comfort, and it is then that I kiss my worries goodbye.

So, the next time you find yourself gazing upon an amazing blue horizon, remember Hallelujah Blue – perhaps go so far as to say those two beautiful words out loud – and take a moment to stand in awe of God’s wonderfully artistic creation called earth.


Michi Garcia

Hallelujah Blue specializes in large-scale artwork for luxury properties. All artwork shown is represented exclusively through Hallelujah Blue and exhibits the full body of work by Michi Garcia.

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